Web Videos
CommuniClips are short, affordable web videos that create PR buzz. CommuniClips can promote your products, sell your services & connect with your customers. View Samples
We can produce a wide variety of effective marketing videos no matter what kind of business or organization you have. Video should be a key part of your marketing campaign. View Samples
We provide a wide variety of industrial video services including safety training, work flow training and marketing. View Samples
Training & Education
Whether you want to document an important seminar, training session or procedure, Gerlach Productions has the equipment and expertise to do the job right and make sure your viewers will fully comprehend the content. View Samples
Let Gerlach Productions video record your next event. Need duplications? No problem. We can also provide online ordering and can ship the DVDs for you. View Samples
TV Commercials
Gerlach Productions can imagine, create and deliver a television commercial that will grab your viewers’ attention. View Samples
Mini Docs
Mini Docs communicate and inspire. They feature real people telling real stories. Imagine clients or people you’ve served appearing in a documentary talking about how your organization or business improved their lives. View Samples
Pass down your legacy or a loved one’s legacy to your children and grandchildren with a professionally produced biography. Testimonial Tributes are great for retirement or recognition banquets. View Sample
What better way to attract tourists than by showing them via video all the exciting things they can enjoy in your community such as recreation, museums and sightseeing. View Samples
Real Estate
Whether you’re a real estate agent or a land developer, a well-produced video can greatly increase your closings and bottom line. View Samples
Settlement Videos
It’s always best to settle a case before it goes to an expensive trial. Law firms have used our Settlement Documentaries and Day in the Life Videos to reach multimillion dollar out-of-court settlements. Learn More
Church Videos
If your church is launching a capital campaign, we can produce a video that will show and explain the needs to your congregation. We also produce videos for outreach and evangelism. View Samples
After all the countless hours of practicing and taking lessons, it’s time to give your recital. Relive this memorable moment for years to come with a DVD professionally produced by Gerlach Productions. View Samples